Modular garageModular house – Unic Rotarex® constructive system completes the successful product series of Unic Rotarex®. When you work with a structure which has native inclinations to be modular you can’t help thinking how to make modular houses with it. The computerized design allows creating millimeter modules which can be easily assembled because of Unic Rotarex® jointing system, which is fast and durable.

We are still in the development phase and we are preparing many products like:

  • Modular elements (walls and floors) – semifinished on interior and exterior, with integrated doors and windows, electrical, water installations, drainage and heating installations;
  • Finished modules with different sizes which can be joined or placed one on top of the other in order to form modular houses;
  • Modular elements for small or social modular hoses with steel structure and ultra-light cellular concrete;
  • Modular garages;
  • Modular containers;
  • Finished modular pods;
  • Modular elements for pools;
  • Modular structural elements.


The house below is just an example.

modular house